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How Do Walk-In Tattoos Work?

Everyone's been LOVING our new space here on Dundas Street West. It's the perfect way to enjoy a carefree day with friends - grab a coffee, head to Trinity Bellwoods Park, and then hop over to the tattoo shop for a bit of walk-in flash... sounds 10/10 to us.

If you find yourself in the mood for a walk-in tattoo, there's some helpful do's and dont's that we wanted to share. Everyone is different and may need more or less preparation, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Don't Get Wasted - You're enjoying patio season, having some beers with your friends, and a tattoo starts to sound like a great idea. While alcohol in your blood may not have a noticeable thinning effect in every person, no tattooer can let you consent to a lifelong decision while you're not sober.

  2. Do Use Sunscreen - You can sunburn in any weather, but if you're out in that summer sun and happen to get yourself a spicy sunburn, we can't tattoo you. Keep sunscreen on for your own skin health, and keep your walk-in spontaneous tattoo options open at all times!

  3. Don't Be Casual About Shop Choice - If you're in any major city, there's a chance you've seen a boom of tattoo shops opening. You are very likely spoiled for choice, and if you don't trust a shop, you can probably find something else in a short walk.

  4. DO leave your dog at home - You're out for a walk and you are dying for a coffee, but oh no! You have your dog with you! The coffee shop's rules are probably the same as our's, and they're only handling beans and croissants! Imagine the concerns when we have blood involved.

  5. Don't Treat it Like a Party - Now we aren't saying don't have fun! Have a blast and enjoy this special thing you're doing for yourself! But keep in mind that there may be people throughout the shop getting large work done that they booked months in advance. It can be difficult for artists and clients to concentrate when things get too loud or excited around them.

  6. Do Try To Tip - Tipping is never mandatory. It is a compliment paid to an excellent service provider in the form of cash. If you have the resources for a small flash piece, consider that you should also set aside an amount you'd like to budget for a tip. You can usually find out how much your tattoo will be before it's done, so this can help budget for the entire experience.

  7. And Finally... don't forget your touch ups are free! - If there ain't a free touch-up policy, then it ain't worth the tattoo. Artists are meant to gaurantee their work, so if you take good care of it and it needs a little extra help to be its best, there is no reason you should not be provided that service.

Tell us what you think are some great Do's and Dont's for Tattooing, and call us anytime at 416 551 0455 if you want to check in on our daily schedule!

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