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Booking Tattoos for First Time Clients

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you've found this blog post, that just may be you! Getting tattooed should be fun and feel like self-care. Your experience for your first tattoo should ideally make you feel informed, respected, and most of all decorated!

There will always be some differences in how tattoo artists want to book appointments with their clients. It is wise to always check each artists' social media accounts, as you may find that they have saved highlights or info in their bio about their own preferences. Here at Speakeasy, these are some pointers for making your booking experience worry-free:

  1. Look at our artists' portfolios. Have you found someone who's art you particularly like? Make sure you mention this in your booking. We are also happy to guide you to an artist we believe suits your idea.

  2. Collect your references, and edit them down to your favorite images. Everyone may imagine a visual in their own way, and it can help eliminate confusion when we have a look into your preferences on aesthetic and style.

  3. Book a free consultation! We understand that in a post-lockdown world, you may not want to or be able to come to the shop in person. We can accommodate your needs with a video call or a phone call, and as always, we do welcome in-person consultations.

  4. Be prepared to leave a deposit. This is a payment made to the shop that is deducted off the cost of the final tattoo. It is always 100% non-refundable; this is a payment that (a) holds your appointment in our calendar, as well as pays for services rendered by the front desk and management. In the situation you do not come for your appointment or cancel without enough notice, this is used to cover the lost time for the shop, management and most importantly your artist.

  5. Remember that the pesky government wants your tax money, and so we have to charge the 13% HST mandated on all services.

  6. Try to show up feeling well-rested and well-nourished for your appointment!

  7. Let your artist know your needs on the day of. We want to do anything we can to make you comfortable, whether that's a change in the music volume or an extra pillow.

  8. Don't worry if aftercare instructions go in one ear and out the other when you're finished being tattooed the first time. It's common, and at Speakeasy we welcome your calls and questions in the days following. Keep us posted with questions and concerns and always remember that you get a free touchup in the year following.

We hope you find these tips useful and have a WONDERFUL first tattoo experience!

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